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Tailored Solutions for Pharma and Life Sciences Clients


CRO and CRAM Synthesis

Collaborate & custom synthesize in the research activity with major clients in the field of new bioactive molecules


Fine chemicals manufacturing

Developed deep expertise in handling of complex chemistry and evolved as reliable supplier of intermediates from R&D scale to semi-bulk


3rd party manufacturing services

Facilitating our ecosystem partners to leverage our unmatched infrastructure by providing Job Work services


From milligram scale to semi-bulk, we have the experience of delivering numerous fine chemicals involving a host of complex reactions. In the past 3 FYs we have delivered 50+ novel molecules

Delivered Speciality Groups
Pyrroles Flavones Bromo-Iodo Indoles Nitro Compounds Coumarins Isoflavones Boronic Acids Pyrimidine derivatives Bromo-Indoles Nitrogen Heterocycles Amines Allyl Compounds Acids & Phenols Bi-Phenyls Amino Acids Oxazole Derivatives Flavanones Chromanones Benzophenones Acetophenones Benzo-Furans Pyridine derivatives Thio compounds Pyrazoles Chalcones Imidazole derivatives Carbohydrates Thiozole Derivatives Chromones Carbonyls
Reaction Capabilities
  • Buchwald Suzuki coupling
  • Butyl-Lithium reactions
  • LDA reactions
  • DIBAL reactions
  • Sodium Hydride reactions
  • LAH reactions
  • Hydrogenation reactions
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